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Dad: What are clouds made of in IT?

Kid: Dad, What are clouds made of in IT? Sysadmin dad […] Read More

Dating a sysadmin: What’s your idea of a perfect date?

She: What's your idea of a perfect date? Me: Unix epoch time […] Read More

Family and Friends: Tech Support Issue

You know, I should help that friend to work on that single point of failure. The printer. LOL

sudo apt-get install car? Would you?

Found apt-get command line fan :) Another car: HTTP/1.1 200 OK status :) And finally some SQL injection...Lmao :P […] Read More

When you delete a line of code that you thought was useless…

Or when you run rm -rf / on Linux or Unix-like system ;) Another gif showing the same issue: Now, I am hitting u, u, u in vim to undo (ctrl-z in other IDE) like a maniac to get back that line or a code block. Lmao […] Read More

Linux and Unix chown and chmod command security problem illustrated

The chown command change file owner and group. The chmod command change file mode (bits) i.e. permission. A wrong permission can create problems on Linux or Unix-like system. It is clearly illustrated in this comic. Credit: […] Read More

File permissions: Linux or Unix users will understand this

Lmao. Credit: A Comic About Guardians Of The Galaxy […] Read More

Come on nixCraft

I think my life is completed now as I made it to turnoff_us comic. Thanks […] Read More

Lmao. HTTP Status Code Cheat Sheet For Sysadmins and Developers :P

This is really funny, and accurate too! Source: aahoogendoorn […] Read More

The Hipsterstation! Most beautiful OpenBSD Unix setup ever!! Period!!!

I am jelly. Really a great OpenBSD unix setup. Source/Credit @calumacrae […] Read More

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