Wi-fi+Lan bridged access point in pfSense works until reboot

I just followed the instructions listed here:

and they work! After finishing those steps I can unplug my client’s Ethernet cable, connect over WiFi, and everything works as expected.

Until I reboot the pfsense firewall. And then nothing works. I can get a DHCP address via Ethernet or via WiFi, but I can’t get out to the internet. I can’t even get into the management interface of the pfsense router!

Nothing works until I go into the serial console and re-assign igb0 to WAN and igb1 to LAN, and then things start working again over Ethernet only.

I’m guessing this could be a firewall problem, but I’ve tried adding a TCPv4* pass any/any rule to the bridged LAN, the hardware LAN, and the WiFI interfaces, but I’m still left with zero connectivity.

Most likely driver issues. Some drivers are not stable and they will not work.

I don’t think it’s a driver issue, because the WiFi interface works. My WiFi client can connect and get an IP address and a DNS server address.

Once I configure the bridge and re-assign the interfaces, everything works. I can unplug the Ethernet cable and get to all sites, both inside my LAN and on the open internet. So at that point the driver is clearly working properly.

But once I reboot the router, some things stop working. My WiFi client still gets the DHCP address, but it can’t get anywhere. Pings respond with “Host unreachable.”

The firewall logs show no blocked traffic.

This suggests to me that its some sort of routing error, but I don’t know how to fix it.