Why does the source package for /bin/login check for cheese in the ubuntu package?

I’m looking at doing a security mod to the login program… so I’m reading throught the source files of the package ubuntu provides, when I get to the Makefile:


deb:: check_cheese

include /usr/share/quilt/quilt.debbuild.mk

	@dpkg-parsechangelog | grep -q "\* The \".*\".* release\." || { \
		echo ""; \
		echo " **                                  **"; \
		echo " **  Warning: not a cheesy release!  **"; \
		echo " **                                  **"; \
		echo ""; \
		exit 1; \

I haven’t read enough to know why the check for cheese is there yet though. Anyone know?

Summary: releases of the Debian shadow package all have the name of a French AOC cheese since July 2005. Nicolas, who was focused on a new upstrram release of shadow inadvertently forgot to add such name for the 4.1.1-1 release and thus added a failure of the package build process in case on forgets the cheese name.

We should however give NMUers instructions about the right way to NMU the package, such as giving the name of a local cheese.