Which Gnu/Linux for a beginner who wanna practice C/C++?

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I like to start working with a gnu/linux to improve my c/c++ skills. Which distro can you suggest me? Some people suggest me gnu/linux and I like to know if it is a proper suggest.

It doesn’t matter at all (unless the distro is extremely specialized, like a firewall, but those are the exception).

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Fedora Linux workstation https://getfedora.org/ is great if you are looking to get a job soon. If you know Fedora, you can easily use enterprise Linux distro such as CentOS or RHEL at work. Those are very popular for writing C and C++ code. But as @rautamiekka pointed out, any Linux distro would work.

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I have not mentioned that I am beginner. Sorry for that. Is linux mint good for a beginner or is there something else for beginners?

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, Linux Mint is an excellent choice for new Windows OS users. You can install compilers C/C++ and IDE to write code quickly in GUI mode. You can install Eclipse or VSCode in Linux Mint. If you want a terminal-based text editor to try nano, vim, or emacs (more listed here 6 awesome text editors for Linux, macOS, and BSD CLI users - nixCraft)