What SSH client do you use for Windows 10 desktop?




I’m looking a new, good SSH client for work on multiple servers.
I’m work on multiple servers (sometimes ~8+ in one time), and i need a new client.

Now im using Xshel 6 and i want switch that.
I test a mobaxTerm, ZOC, Kitty.

Someone can recommend a good client? Nice to have:

  • multitab support
  • split screen
  • server list
  • VPN support

Lately i test Termius - is really good, but dosent support split screen :frowning:

OS: Windows 10


I was using Git Bash and had a separate .sh script for every server… now I am using Solar-PuTTY and it seems really nice, it doesn’t have that much options but it has a server list and everything you need :slight_smile:


Using MobaXterm for ~ 100 servers not free but cheap and useful.
Can use .pem for AWS, ssh keys or even login on W$ Servers.


Git Bash is good, but its awkward with many servers.
MobaXterm is most popular, but for some reason rejects me.

Maybe i must reconcile and try :confused:


Bitvise SSH Client


SmarTTY is pretty solid


I use SuperPutty and I like it.