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nixCraft is a Q & A site for Linux/Unix users, DevOps, system and network administrators. It is the official place to discuss anything of a Linux or Unix-like system nature. This site is useful for IT professionals especially sysadmins and DevOps engineer.

What is this forum about?
You can post or talk about anything *nix related that you would like, engage fellow Linux, Unix and FOSS enthusiasts. You can start a new discussion of your own:

  1. Linux distributions
  2. Unix variants
  3. *BSD family of operating system
  4. Shell scripting
  5. Perl/Python scripting
  6. DevOps tools
  7. Network/Sysadmin practices
  8. Security
  9. Programming
  10. Servers and other IT related topics

Following are off-topic Q & A and not allowed at all:

  1. Sports
  2. Sex
  3. Religion
  4. Politics
  5. Racism and Hate

All such bad topics will get deleted and banned. We want tech/*nix topics here.

Forum rules for users

  1. Please avoid using signatures on your posts. We want to keep our community clean, and it is all about conversation.
  2. Please do not post affiliate links in posts.
  3. Please do not post spam mainly related to your blog or website link.
  4. Please do not act like a troll. Keep all discussion civil. Do not attack fellow users.

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