Using grep sort and uniq then saving output to files

Hi all,

I’m trying to split out a large file into many files but am struggling to find the correct command:

My data is as follows:


I have over 2 million entries in this file and what i would like to do is save each data into a file depending on uniq 2nd and 4th column.

so the output of the files would be like:

cat 939_23.txt


cat 914_10.txt


cat 900_15.txt

Can anyone help with with a neat Perl one liner, or perhaps a for look command ?

Try awk on input file (assuming that input file is already sorted with sort|uniq):

awk -F',' '{ if ($2 == 939) print $0}' input > 939_23.txt
awk -F',' '{ if ($2 == 914) print $0}' input > 914_10.txt
awk -F',' '{ if ($2 == 900) print $0}' input > 900_15.txt

Surely there’s a better way, there are 900 different account types in the 2nd column and near 30 bill dates - I was hoping someone could come up with a for loop or a nested one

Of cousre you can do that too. Here is a sample:

for i in 939 914 900
  awk -v c=$i -F',' '{ output=c "_" $4 ".txt"} { if ($2 == c) print $0 >>output}' input.txt
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perfect, that’s done the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks Nixcraft

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