Usable web browser for a pentium 4 machine on NetBSD


Im recently ressurecting a pentium 4 desktop as a thin client and a playground for assembly programming and messing with unix by setting up NetBSD on it.

After i discovered pkgscr and pkgin, I installed firefox, which, to my surprise, takes 2 minutes to fully start and is far from usable after that. I read somewhere that it runs a whole linux emulation for that? It’s not the CPU fault since the same system was running debian before and firefox worked pretty well there.

My question is: what is the light but usable and modern web browser that runs on NetBSD?
Elinks is pretty usable but sometimes I need graphics.
I tried dillo as well but it’s rednerer is horrible. Reminds me of my first mobile phone with WAP internet :wink:

Are you using Firefox 57.x? Remove and install package as follows and see if it sorted out:

sudo pkg_add -v firefox

Some other browser options:

  • epiphany
  • amaya
  • KDE has in built browser too

I use Konqueror on Linux. maybe try that too on your unix?

The answer to your question is “The browser I am tempted to write everytime I encounter Firefox’s bloatware” I am pretty sure Firefox is so daft that it runs in a Linux emulation on Linux. It is slow as hell on a 24core 32GB memory server. go figure !

That aside.

If you can compile midori on BSD, it is a little less weighty than firefox.