Two Tinc VPN Server

Hi Vivek,
Thanks for your excellent article on multiple tinc servers ( . I have slightly different scenario.

There are two servers say Server A and Server B

There are five clients client 1 - 5

clients 1-5 connect to both server A and server B using tinc VPN (say vpn0 and vpn1)
The sole purpose is to connect to clients using server B in case server A is down.|
Do i need to specify ports 565 for Server A and 566 for server B?
Will separate names and interfaces and network suffice for this scenario?

I have a fully functional mesh network based on tinc using server A. I would like to configure an additional server B for a fail safe. I am not sure if using different ports for A and B is needed in this scenario.

You use same port numbers as you are using different server and ip address.

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