Test battery health check for HP Elite Book on Linux

What command can I type to check the health of my HP Elite Book Battery in CentOS Linux?


upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0

I get:

  native-path:          BAT0
  vendor:               ASUSTeK
  model:                ASUS Battery
  power supply:         yes
  updated:              Wednesday 23 January 2019 10:36:38 PM IST (114 seconds ago)
  has history:          yes
  has statistics:       yes
    present:             yes
    rechargeable:        yes
    state:               pending-charge
    warning-level:       none
    energy:              57.349 Wh
    energy-empty:        0 Wh
    energy-full:         65.219 Wh
    energy-full-design:  74.228 Wh
    energy-rate:         1.432 W
    voltage:             15.4 V
    percentage:          100%
    capacity:            87.8631%
    technology:          lithium-ion
    icon-name:          'battery-full-charging-symbolic'