Systemctl status <service> -> {thawing}

When I execute the command
“systemctl status rsyslog”
the following output is displayed:

      Active: active (running) (thawing)

MY question is, does (thawing) represent/indicate
an issue with the service? The service is indeed
running, and from what I’m able to see, it is
functioning properly.

I very,very rarely see (thawing) for any services.

Thanks in advance for your respose(s).

Are you using this on Laptop? In most cases, “Freezing” processes are what the Linux kernel does just before it suspends the system. “Thawing” them is what it does after resuming the system. Manually one can do it as follows:

systemctl freeze unit ##<- Freezing
systemctl thaw unit ## Thawing/Unfreezing

Run the journalctl -u vnstat (replace vnstat with your service/unit name) command and see if there are any messages.

journalctl -u unit
journalctl -u service-name

Some older versions of systemd on RHEL/CentOS 8.3 had a bug that always showed hawing" status in cgroup v1 environment.

Thanks for your response.

Your comment about older version of RHEL having
a bug is going to allow me to file my post under “case closed”!!! The system that is displaying {thawing}, is a RHEL8.3 install. My 8.4 system does not display {thawing} for the same (rsyslog) service.

To respond to your initial question, “Are you using this on Laptop?”, I am running these RHEL 8.X systems on a VM, running VirtualBox on a desktop.

I look at the status of services quite often, using systemcl, and as I mentioned in my initial post, I very, very rarely see "{thawing}. Nothing was being impacted. More than anything, I wanted to add to my knowledgebase about the appearance of {thawing} in the output. That outcome has been achieved, thanks to your input!!!