Ssh via public IP address i.e. outside subnet Port forwarding not working

I have a VisionFive V1 risc v single board computer (SBC) running Fedora. I cannot ssh into it via the public ip address, but I can do so for a raspberry pi connected in the same manner and at the same time. The port 22 is open in both computers, and the firewall has no filters. The router has a public ip address and I can get into the pi via it, but not into the Fedora SBC. Any ideas about what diagnostics or settings I need to be checking? Thanks.
ssh -vvvv
yields at end
debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password
Permission denied, please try again.

Check list

  1. You must have port forwarding enabled on your router with public IP that connects to RPi. Make sure such settings exists for Fedora SBC too.
  2. Also, check if the ssh service is running or not on your Fedora SBC. The commands are:
systemctl status sshd.service
systemctl is-enabled sshd.service
  1. Also check firewall status on Fedora SBC:
systemctl status firewalld.service
sudo firewall-cmd --list-all
sudo iptables -L -n -v 
  1. Finally, see ssh logs on Fedora SBS:
sudo journalctl -u sshd.service
sudo tail -f /var/log/secure
sudo more /var/log/secure

Thanks: these are my results (It only lets me load one image per post… rest follow):

For me the only strange thing is that the attempt to log onto the Fedora SBC was not registered in the journalctl -u sshd.service
there was no change when trying to ssh log on from a dell inspiron (ubuntu) from another network.

Can you see anything amiss ? Are there any more checks one can do.

Thanks for those diagnostics. The problem was that the WAN port was set to the same for both the computers. With a different WAN port number e.g. 1234 one can then ssh into the relevant computer using ssh -p1234 username@public_ip_address.

Good to know it is sorted out.