Solved: Strange Cups Behavior: Automatic RSS feeds added

This is on a Linux machine that uses public networks.

Firewall is installed and working, but strange behavior in cups started appearing. Printer would just stall and then in cups I find 10s of RSS feed entries. I attach an image.

Only starts working once I remove all the RSS feeds.
There is no way in Cups to DISABLE Rss feeds and it seems like a massive security risk to have RSS feeds just willy nilly on by default.
I was never a fan of cups and prefer the old lpd/lpr as it is rugged safe and works.

Again, These RSS feeds just starts automatically with no way to disable them.


Any idea how I can switch of the RSS feeds ? or why the heck they are there in the first place. Why do I need RSS feeds on my printer output. I contacted cups related usergroups but I get just crickets

Go figure … it seems to be the old culprit SystemD/Dbus again…
I dont know how much trouble I still have to take with the Dbus/SystemD abomination.
See this thread.

I checked and it is only my SystemD distro servers that has these cups automatic runaway RSS feeds that will eventually disconnect all printers. I really have to get the remainder of my servers off Debian/Ubuntu to dbus/systemd free distros.

For anyone reading this thread with similar systemD induced problems, do yourself a favor and use systemd-free distros,
Here is a list.