[Solved] Ext4 on Fedora 7 possible?

As I mentioned in another thread I have Fedora 7 running legacy unportable software on a server for over 15 years without hickup and the repos are still all online.

All i really miss is that it doesnt support ext4.
I did try to install ext4 support but the dependencies are pretty daunting and I am not sure I will be able to get it going.

I just want to know if anyone managed to successfully install ext4 support on FC7 from source or rpm.


You need download and and compile kernel for ext4. I am not sure if older gcc supports the latest Linux kernel. Is there any reason for using Fedora 7? It no longer receives security updates.

Yes, as my original post states, lots of legacy software that can only run on FC7 due to licenses and other hurdles.
And FC7 is probably one of the best Linux versions I encountered. Way better for me than the buggy systemD distros out the last 4 years. I have no reason to change even if I could migrate the software. systemD Distros requires generally an increase in workforce to deal with all the incompetent wires systemD trips. No thanks.
MX and Devuan is all I use of the new distros. No weird systemD problems.

Ok, I see what you are getting at.
I should use the sources of the earliest kernel that supports ext4 and compile that.
Silly of me not to think about that.

Havent compiled a kernel since 2009 !

The weird thing is that RedHat 5 Enterprise seemingly supports ext4 ! See

So it should be possible in FC7.

Even more strange.
See this https://cromwell-intl.com/open-source/rhel-oracle-centos-6-7-8-9/storage.html

It seems RH6 used ext4 as default and then RH7 used XFS as default. Go figure !

Therefore there must be a RH7 kernel source tree with ext4 capability I can compile.

Thanks, I think you pointed me in the right direction.