Slow copying from NFS mounted directories

184 is my main server.
and the copy command took a huge time (30 mins)

There are many reasons why NFS (Network File System) copying is slow on Linux or Unix. If I were you, I would check them one by one (some option requires root level access)

  1. If the network bandwidth is limited, it can affect the performance of NFS copying. See for network bottlenecks. Are you using Jumbo frames on both the server and network switch?
  2. Since NFS is the network file system, it depends on the network for file transfers, so latency can significantly impact performance.
  3. Is the NFS server overloaded? Many users, client machines and open files can cause these issues.
  4. The configuration of the NFS client can also impact performance. You need to set the correct options.
  5. Sometimes the disk on either the server or client-side is slow, which can also cause slow NFS copying. Also, check if the disk is healthy and if there are NO disk errors on both server and client.
  6. Large files or files with many small files on NFS server storage always take longer to transfer.
  7. NFS can be secured using various methods such as VPN, and NFSv4 Kerberos. These can also impact operations.

You don’t say how much data and how many files/folders there is.