Shell script to give permission using chmod command

I wanted to write a bash script for to give permission to the directory path and the file path

chmod 750
chmod 644

Please help me out in this.

Use the -f and -d to determine if it is a dir or file and run chmod on it:


# make sure we get the CLI input or dir with an error
[ "$input" == "" ] && { echo "Usage: $0 dir|filename"; exit 1; }

#  is it a file?
[ -f "$input" ] && { echo "$input is a file"; chmod 750 "$input"; }

# is it a dir?
[ -d "$input" ] && { echo "$input is a dir"; chmod 644 "$input"; }

Run it as follows:

chmod +x script
./script /path/to/dir
./script /path/to/file