Setting up an Environment to access office server remotely using OpenVPN

I work with a small office, want to have a LAN set up to be connected to a Windows Server 2019 running accounting software. This Windows Server should be collocated at a different location.

At the same time, some of the office people want to connect to ERP & other Web-based applications running on Linux servers collocated in a Data centre.

I would request if someone can help me to guide how to set up an environment so that office/field staff can access Windows and Linux server applications remotely using a VPN connection.

Our office does not want web-based applications to be open to the public as a website. It should have access to only office users and should be able to access via VPN

Please guide


I think what you need is site to site VPN. That can be done with following tutorials:

If you are following nixcraft tutorial, it will set up road warrior vpn, both are almost same but site-to-site needs additional config.

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