Removing A Physical Volume To Already Extended Volume Group

Hello Friends,
I have 35GB as my OS Storage,
/dev/sda2 = 35GB
/dev/sdb1 = 10GB

Then I extended it with 10GB, Already pvcreate, then lvextend /dev/sdb1 /devsda2 ,
Both are now in the same volume group, Then I feel like I want to remove the Physical Volume but it’s not working,
Question1 : How Do Solve This?
physical volume in use.
How To Get More Free PE From Total PE, I still have alot of Space but FREE PE is 0, Thanks.

Say you have 2 disks in volume group diska and diskb and say you want to remove diskb…

  1. make sure there is no data on diskb so move any data to disk a
  2. remove the diksb from volume group

Check following for pvmove.
Hope this helps.