OpenShift - htpasswd Identity Provider

Hello all,

Got a query regarding my favorite OpenShift identity provider:

          htpasswd Identity Provider.

Why “must” the htpasswd secret be created in the openshift-config namespace?

This isn’t something I just absolutely have to know. However, more times than not, I like to look underhood at things. If it truly is a “must” that it be created in the openshift-config namespace,
then so be it. Still, I’d like to take the opportunity to add something extra to my knowledgebase.

I did a tiny bit of digging, but nothing that could/would qualify as an exhaustive search.

Thanks all!

The htpasswd Identity Provider allow users to log in to OpenShift Container Platform with credentials from an htpasswd file stored on disk. By default, only kubeadmin user exists on your cluster. So if you need say another user, then htpasswd is simplest possible solution. You can use that user with RBAC to define and apply various permissions like ‘admin’ or ‘basic-user’ rights and so on.