Open Source Linux Powered System76 Thelio Desktops Is Here

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The top 500 most powerful supercomputers on the planet run Linux operating system. Linux has a 100% market share of those machines and a large share of cloud computing, VMs, and bare metal market too. Obviously, developers and people who care about their privacy need Linux pre-installed so that they can get back to work ASAP. System76 released new desktop systems with Linux pre installed. The Thelio desktops computer available with both AMD and Intel CPU. AMD is more user-friendly to the Linux and provides a better price-performance ratio.

Wait… Exactly which companies are making systems you are not able to upgrade anything because everything (such as RAM) is glued to the motherboard? I can only think of laptops which are maxed out and have no expansion RAM slot, but that’s only laptops. I can’t think of a desktop system which has no expansion slots and you are unable to remove and replace RAM, hard drives or add/replace a video card.

That statement this being unique is quite fantastical. IF (note the big “if”), if this is a statement of System76 allowing you to swap out RAM, hard drives and video cards and keep your warranty intact, that might be another thing, but that’s not what the article is stating.