My server Pcmark result

How should I interpret these results? Are the values ​​good relative to the server?

I also don’t know the purpose of the tests. Can I get some brief information about them?

Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 5317 CPU @ 3.00GHz (x86_64)
24 cores @ 3600 MHz | 1007.7 GiB RAM
Number of Processes: 48 | Test Iterations: 3 | Test Duration: Short

Iteration: 3/3
Tests Status Result
Integer Math Complete 196114 Million Operations/s
Floating Point Math Complete 108300 Million Operations/s
Prime Numbers Complete 232 Million Primes/s
Sorting Complete 91357 Thousand Strings/s
Encryption Complete 42756 MB/s
Compression Complete 687 MB/s
CPU Single Threaded Complete 2518 Million Operations/s
Physics Complete 4848 Frames/s
Extended Instructions (SSE) Complete 35364 Million Matrices/s

CPU Mark
Complete 48243.85

Results not submitted​​

What exactly do you want to know?