macOS X Mount NFS Share / Set an NFS Client

Hi Vivek,

Thank you for your always informative articles on so many topics.

The issue I have with this recent post (it claims to have been updated November 3, 2018) is that your GUI examples describe the use of a version of Disk Utility that has not existed in macOS (not macOS X any more, either) for many years. The current version of Disk Utility (v18.0) has none of the functionality you describe.

Personally, I manage my NFS mounts using the Finder’s Go/Connect to Server (⌘K).
In the entry box, type the destination: nfs:///,
e.g. nfs://n40l/mnt/zpools/poolWes162/Video/Movies

This will mount /Volumes/Movies as a read-write network drive on my desktop.

HTH someone.