Locked out at Linux login box again

The other day, out of nowhere and after shutting down to go out to lunch, on my return I was not able to log into my rig (PCLinuxOS).

The symtoms are unresponsive kb and mouse.

It’s not the hardware (mouse/kb) or a BIOS setting as both kb and mouse work perfectly well on another distribution (Devuan ASCII) living in another drive within the same rig ie: all the hardware is exactly the same, with the kb working perfectly well when booting into recovery mode from the grub screen.

Thinking of some software/update glitch, I renamed the xorg.conf file that makes my three monitors run in xinerama mode so that it would boot (without one) and run in basic mode and also uninstalled LXDM so it would start with just XDM, all to no avail.

I can do startx and get to a desktop from the command line in recovery mode but once there, the symptoms remain: no mouse or kb.

I have two other kernel versions to boot from but it makes no difference.

Any ideas?

I had same issues. It was related to power configuration. Go to control panel and disable power settings. This happens because you don’t have supported drivers.