Linux Show All Members of a Group Command

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I am a new Linux user and created a couple of groups on the server. I need to find out all members of a group called “ftponly”. How do I list all members of a group on Linux or Unix-like systems?

Hi, check out this simple pretty print script for all users and groups I just wrote based on an article from this site, by Vivek:

That is cool indeed. Maybe run it via shell linter too. It gave some warnings:

In line 13:
Red="\033[0;31m"          # Red
^-- SC2034: Red appears unused. Verify it or export it.

In line 20:
echo -e "$Bar${Bold}[ System User Groups ]${ResetTxt}$Bar"
     ^-- SC2039: In POSIX sh, echo flags are undefined.
             ^-- SC2154: Bold is referenced but not assigned.

In line 28:
echo -e "$Bar${Bold}[ System User Accounts ]${ResetTxt}$Bar"
     ^-- SC2039: In POSIX sh, echo flags are undefined.


Thanks Vivek, I had copied it with some minor bugs. I used your suggestion to check it with the lint checker, used but in vs code, and fixed the echo statements, etc. The code is now updated. Added screenshot too.

I couldn’t add it to there’s no link to post

Awesome. Don’t worry it will show under comment when cache expired in few days.