Linux Kernel 5.3 released and here is how to install it

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Linux kernel version 5.3 released. This version includes many improvements including support for AMD Navi GPU, support for new IPv4 addresses in the range, the lightweight hypervisor ACRN for embedded IoT devices and much more.

How do i uninstall and safely remove the newly installed kernel. I installed 5.4.5, but not sure how to remove it

Have you tried make uninstall in source code dir?

Thanks for the post, very informative. When you issue the following command:


Where is the file saved?

In the current directory. Use the ls command:

ls -l linux-5.3.tar.xz
ls -l linux*

Thanks Tom. So from what you’ve said, wherever you happen to be at the time in the file structure is where that package will be downloaded? Where do you suggest the best place to put it would be? Would /home/user/Downloads be preferable?

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Yes. You can use any directory.

Cheers. Thanks for the reply.