Linux Distro with longest repo availability

I am looking for the Linux Distro with longest repo availability.

As an example I still have a server running Fedora 7.
yum update still gives me the repos and yum works with absolutely no trouble.
I think it is now 16 years and yum still installs packages etc.

This is crucial for my application.
FC7 still chugs along running unportable legacy software. What a blessing. !
MX for example just dies in say 4 years, with the repo links going dead.

So anyone know of the Linux distro with the longest repo support ?
I am not sure if FC still has this cycle as IBM bought RedHat.
Is there another distro with similar long repo availability ?

I am not interested in life cycle, just the availability of the repos.

This e.g. is useless to me as Fedora 7 e.g. gave me 15-16 years of uninterrupted repo access, although the life cycle is marked as way shorter.

Use Rocky Linux Rocky Linux | and run legacy app using Linux container such as Docker or LXD or VM. That is the best way to do it.

Most legacy apps are numerical solvers, so they must run natively else floating point performance hit under a virtual machine or similar makes them unusable.

So the legacy concern is not really part of the question, as all I wanted was the distro with the longest time till EOL and especially online repo availability.
As I mentioned FC7 repos remained online for 15 years and counting now. However IBM doesnt state the policy on life of their online repos as redhat did.

So in summary: Longest life of availability of repos obviously after EOL and not EOL date itself.

EOL is not so serious, the point is that I dont want to end up in a bind if I have to reinstall the OS at a much later date. Therefore long life on online repositories are what I am after. RedHat was spectacular regarding this.
CD/DVD repositories just dont work right and is usually corrupt. You never have the latest.