Letter proof email server

Dear nixCraft forum,

as basically any form of communication I have been attempting to establish with the outer world is being tampered with, even if in a form of letters, including services such as ProtonMail.

I am reaching out to you with a favor to ask. Would you be interested in taking a part in helping with both hardware configuration and setup of an email server that would be ideally not vulnerable to inconveniences, such as the text of emails changing in front of my eyes and open to the public?

Thank you for your response.

Your question is not clear. Can you be more specific?

I am currently hosted on a public server, utilizing Cpanel, Roundcube and Microsoft.

My concern goes as far as to if the processor is enough, don’t go any further.

My financial options aren’t as great, and I insist on being self-funded.

I have a space to host the server with sufficient broadband. I do have people to ask to review the code. What hardware specs would you recommend as to not have a rough sleep. That’s where I’m starting.

Maybe this help?

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