Joining Your Patreon with a Specific Request

Hello Vivek. After reading cyberciti’s contact-us page, I am not sure how to email you. That page says to use only to report broken links, errors, and typos/grammar on your posts, and I don’t see another email listed for questions.

I have a specific tutorial request and I want to know if you will consider prioritizing a solution for it if I join your Patreon and pay for a full year in advance. I plan to join your Patreon anyway, but a prioritized solution for this issue will motivate me to join at a higher level and/or pay for a full year in advance, as a way to show extra appreciation.

Related questison: in general, do you accept bounties to prioritize answers/solutions? Also, you offer direct paid hourly consulting?

OK, my specific question is:

Can these two firmware update methods be combined?

Thinkpad update firmware on Linux (X1 extreme/P1 gen2) - nixCraft


How to update Lenovo BIOS from Linux without using Windows - nixCraft

I have done the manual download / geteltorito method. It works, but it is tedious. The automated fwupdmgr usually fails for me. There are multiple open issues in github that affect ThinkPad devices with fwupdmgr and a lot of people report problems.

Therefore, I would like to use fwupdmgr only to find the available updates and download the files, then create a bootable USB disk with the updates I just downloaded. Is this possible? If so, will it work as reliably as the fully manual process of downloading bootable firmware update images from Lenovo? What are the steps to combine these two methods?

If you decide to publish a tutorial on this topic, I will honor my promise to pay for a year of your Patreon in advance. Thank you.

No, you cannot combine two methods. Only modern devices with uefi are supported by fwupdmgr. HTH.

Thanks for your reply. My ThinkPad is a modern device with UEFI and full fwupdmgr support. However, fwupdmgr is sometimes buggy, so I was seeking a work-around for those instances where it fails to update the firmware.

I think I found the solution today when reviewing GitHub issues that others had reported. When fwupdmgr offers multiples updates, particularly if one of those updates is the Intel Management Engine, if you apply them one at a time, the bugs/issues can be avoided. I tried this and it worked for me.