Is Ubuntu Linux safer than Windows 10 pro?

Why is Ubuntu Linux desktop more secure than Windows 10 pro? Please give me some good reasons. How safe is Ubuntu compared to Windows 10?

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Short answer is yes.

Long answer: Is Ubuntu Linux safer than Windows 10 pro?

  1. Privacy - Ubuntu doesn’t send (phone) your private data to home. Microsoft Windows 10 collects way to much info
  2. Security - Ubuntu doesn’t install unwanted games. Windows 10 gives you candy crush game even if you don’t ask for it. It is like a malware that you can’t get rid of it and gets installed with every Windows 10 update. Ubuntu user accounts are restricted by default as compared to Windows 10. The default security police are sane on Ubuntu.
  3. Updates - Ubuntu software updates are faster. Only need to reboot for kernel updates. Ubuntu doesn’t force unwanted updates when you are doing important work. Every Windows 10 update needs a system reboot. The most annoying part is that Windows 10 chooses when it wants to install updates, and it will suddenly be going to reboot the box.
  4. Cost - Ubuntu is free. You can’t beat that. Microsoft charges over USD $100 and still collects your personal data and install unwanted stuff on your system. The paid operating system shouldn’t do this IMHO.
  5. Support - If you want you can get paid support from Canonical LTD who produces Ubuntu OS, provides commercial services for Ubuntu’s users. If you don’t want to pay up money, one can use free community-driven services such as nixCraft forum/blog or Ubuntu forums. You can get Windows 10 support from computer vendor or Microsoft itself. I think both are good.
  6. Gaming - Ubuntu has over 6000+ games in Steam store. This is where Windows 10 beats Ubuntu. Win10 has almost had all AAA rated games.
  7. Applications - Ubuntu has over 50000+ free application, but it misses some of the popular CAD/CAM, photo/video editing apps. Once again it is where Windows10 beats Ubuntu.

Personally, I recommend dual boot if you can’t live without games or specific Windows-only apps. Otherwise, Ubuntu is a great operating system with good security record for:

  • Sysadmin work
  • Programming
  • DevOps work
  • Casual Internet usage
  • Gaming provided that you can work with Linux steam player etc

Please note that all software suffers from security issues. It is just that Windows 10 has a huge install base. So you see more security issues for Win10. Regardless of operating system one must update system from time to time and make backups too.

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Linux By far.
The win-code is closed and unaudited so 50% of the security trouble is unknown and unnoticed until it bytes.Linux is open source and by large audited. This creates a huge mountain for win-security to even come close to linux.
For the user level security, anyone can run amock with an uninformed users machine regardless of operating system. But since you are the same user on both it will be equal.
So win is easily 50% less secure in my opinion and I have seen that over the years.

What I add is Linux is not a subject of attacks like Windows. Even if there are some security issue, hackers don’t see that Linux is a good “investment”, they will put a huge effort to attack a few thousand PCs only. So they basically focus on WIndows and lately Android.

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