IP Problems in Kali-Rolling


Firstoff, I have googled & researched this problem extensively before coming here with hat in hand to ask. There is usually little I cant fix on a linux box but I am having trouble with this one. I’m on a 2008 Macbook running Kali-Rolling, and after my last upgrade it would no longer connect to internet. The NetworkManager applet still works, still shows my AP etc…But when I click on the AP it tries to connect and just stops…I checked DMESG didnt find anything immediately useful…I tried to go and manually connect via iwconfig also ifup etc…Nothing will work.
**ALL of my hardware is being detected and working just fine-It SEEMS like it may be a problem with DHCP?

Update: Tried connecting via the nm-applet like I normally would and it seems to work fine to connect to ANY OTHER WiFi AP but when I go to try mine it will not connect…I got it to connect to the neighbors guest acct. although without a password im not able to get to the web…



Is your AP white listing or blacklisting mac address?

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No white/blacklisting-I thought that too but no it is my home AP & it is a Spectrum WiFi Router…