Install and Configure TigerVNC server on Ubuntu 18.04

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How do I install and configure TigerVNC server on Ubuntu 18.04 for remote desktop access? How to enable Remote Desktop connection between two Ubuntu Linux systems (server and client) to access GUI? How to configure Virtual Network Computing (VNC) in Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS or 18.10 server?

This will only work on Xorg, still default on ubuntu 18.04, not wayland (also ships with 18.04, but not default).


Nice article !

Now how would you configure to manage multiple Linux boxes ( NATed servers) from a single client running in a VPS via secure (SSH enabled) VNC?

By that I mean multiple Linux boxes behind firewalls that can connect to a public IP server ( VPS.)

Each of these embedded (IoT) Linux hosts has the same root user/password, so how would you distinguish these IoT devices from each other? Via different port numbers drawn from a pool, configured by Tiger VNC client running in VPS?

I ask because most IoT devices become inaccessible after first “factory” configuration including say some bash scripts and Tiger VNC install on each of these devices. Then we need to make sure these devices are accessible over the Internet remotely, but we should expect minimal intervention by IoT device users except boot and reboot and maybe typing in a username/ passed at first boot setup.

yes, different port is your best option.