Im create 3 games for linux. what i next to do?

Hello im create 4 games “M2k logical” remake my game from spectrum
remaked “reskue” and “colony”.

I don’t know how and where tell people about my game.
i write it for Linux. (if trying run it on Linux - they say “recommends use linux padavan”

I use Love framework,lua language. This is not cryengine, UE4 or etc.

Im not a studio. Im not a store, im not selling nothing. Im from another country, and english is not my native language, sorry for errors.

Who might be interested to play this game? (i thinking)

  • Zx Spectrum followers, because I draw an inspiration from the games and their elements built on this platform.
  • Children. When I travelled by train, I gave this game to play to my companions’ children, and I have to say they got involved.
  • Beginners in programming. Those who like to create something of their own. This game affords not only the ability to construct your own levels, it is free licenced and having desire and experience you might create even your own game based on it and also help me to improve this one.

i don’t leave link but you can try search m2k game download linux
or reskue linux download
or try add “itch”