How to wipe Ubuntu 18.04 completely off hard disk?

I installed Ubuntu 18,04 on an old macbook pro. The computer was slow so i wanted to add and ssd. I removed the optical drive and added a caddy and a ssd. I used Clonezilla to clone the hdd to the ssd. Now i want to wipe the hdd to use for extra space and have the ssd have the operating system (how to make it boot?) Any help would be appreciated.

Do you want to delete everything from the hard disk? If so use the dd command from rescue disk or from Linux itself.

Be careful commands mentioned in the tutorial as it will erase everything. Wrong names will result in 1000% data loss.


Doe that helps?

How do I know what the disks are called and how do I confirm it will boot into the SSD

Either …

  1. Boot a live Linux distro (from USB stick, for ex).
  2. Connect the drive to another Linux machine, if you can remove the drive from the machine.

, then mount each partition read-only with the -o ro option (lsblk lists the paths as the currently running system has named them) → check their contents → write down the path → unmount those partitions → use dd as suggested.

Could I get some step by step instruction for the usb stick method? Im not very familar with Linux yet.

I used DRBL live which opens into a Debian environment. It had GParted on it which I used to wipe the drive. Now when I boot up, it says it can’t find an operating system. The Debian environment has a terminal. how do I make it boot into the SSD?

I have the other option of reinstalling Ubuntu, but how do I make it install on the SSD?

Did you wiped off old Ubuntu? If so you can install fresh Ubuntu. During installation you will get prompt for disk selection. Then you can choose the SSD for installation.

I am thinking of installing Lubuntu. How do I make sure I am installing on the SSD and not the HDD. What is the SSD called in lubuntu. In ubuntu, before I deleted it was called SDA.

I put a Lubuntu iso file for 32 bit on a USB using rufus but the computer cant find the operating system. Does anyone know of a ISO that will work for me in my situation

Did you follow Create a bootable USB stick with Rufus on Windows | Ubuntu correctly?

Yes, I have done everything correctly. I remember when we were trying to install ubuntu we had to use a cd. Maybe that is the same with Lubuntu?

Download Ventoy and follow the instructions.

^ By using Ventoy you can use the same stick for many ISO images at the same time, and it works on both Window$ and Linux while Rufus is strictly Linux-only.

^ Internally, Ventoy installs a framework (which will need manual updating) onto the stick, and automatically reads the ISO files on the stick.

Where’d you get the image from ?

The cd booted into an interface that gave me the option of installing lubuntu 18.04 but when I try to boot I get two errors

[MODSIGN: Couldn’t get UEFI db list ]

Couldn’t get size: 0x800000000000000e