How to update Lenovo BIOS from Linux without using Windows

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I am using Lenovo laptop. I want to update my BIOS but do not have Windows installed my system. How do I update Lenovo BIOS from Linux without using MS-Windows operating system with the help of a USB stick?

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Thank you for the tutorial!

To me it seems that you omitted one essential part though:

Part 3 (Extract the image …) talks about writing the image to the USB-stick instead about actually extracting the image – that would be the point why we need geteltorito/genisoimage.

You are 100% right. I forgot to add that step. It is in video but not in text. I just added it. Thanks for the heads up!

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Now there is a much better method. Use the fwupdmgr tool. It is doing all the work. See for whether a certain series is supported. It also works for other vendors than lenovo I think.

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