How to send files to Unix server from Linux system

I have CentOS 7 Linux server. We have Solaris Unix server. I need to send some files. How do I send it without GUI? How can I send files to Unix box from Linux command line?

I hope to have understood the point :slight_smile: Did you try the command of ā€œsā€ family? scp, sftp.
For example to copy a file from host1 to host2 by the account myname, beibg connected to host1, you can do:

scp myfile myname@host2:

If the command ends by :, it means home directory. If you want to copu somewhere (where you haev permission), the command could be:

scp myfile myname@host2:/path/path1/...

Yes, as long as Solaris box has OpenSSH server (sshd) installed and running you can transfer files from Linux, macOS, *BSD, and even Windows desktop too. As @ivandb mentioned scp is easy to use.

  1. sftp - secure file transfer program, similar to ftp.
  2. scp - scp copies files between hosts on a network.
  3. rsync - fast and extraordinarily versatile file copying tool that works with sshd enabled server too.

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