How to see and list ALL IPTABLES rules for both IPv4 and IPv6

Is there a command line option to IPTABLES ALL rules for both IPv4 and IPv6 on Linux? I need to save those rule to a file. Make new changes to the iptables and create a diff file? Is that even possible?

Yes, you can list all iptables rules.

IPv4 Iptables ALL rules Linux command

Open the terminal and then type as the root user:

iptables -S

IPv6 Ip6tables ALL rules Linux command

ip6tables -S

How to create a diff file to compare files line by line

Save the rule:

iptables -S > /path/to/current.ipv4.rules.txt
ip6tables -S > /path/to/current.ipv6.rules.txt

Now add a new rule, say:

iptables -A INPUT -s  -j DROP

Make a new file:

iptables -S > /path/to/updated.ipv4.rules.txt
ip6tables -S > /path/to/updated.ipv6.rules.txt

Then see it:

diff  /path/to/current.ipv4.rules.txt /path/to/updated.ipv4.rules.txt

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