How To Install Windows 10 on top of LXD

I’ve read through the post Install LXD pure-container hypervisor on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and followed that to install ubuntu and centos images as guest host. Actually I was trying to search some tutorial on installing Windows 10 on top of lxd installed on Ubuntu. Could not find anything. Is it possible?

No. LXD can only run other Linux distros as it shares the Linux kernel and other stuff. You can’t run FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, Windows 10 or any other operating system with LXD. To install Windows 10 on Ubuntu, use VirtualBox or KVM. Both are free and open source. See info on KVM installation

Thank you for your reply. There are few guides on how to install windows 10 on KVM. They are somehow missing some definitive directives, that are present in your posts. Can you please add one post regarding the installation of Windows 10 on KVM on Ubuntu 18.04 headless, including the installation of required drivers. It would be very helpful for me and lot of people like me, with little knowledge of linux internals.

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