How to install Python 3.8.1 on RHEL 8 with dnf?

If it is possible to install Python 3.8.1 on RHEL 8 with dnf, please advise.

I don’t want to use Python 3.6, I want to use Python 3.8.1. I don’t know why IBM hates Python, I don’t know why Redhat hates Python.

The SCL repo has forever been out of date with languages (java, python , node).

IBM/Redhat has vast resources where they could put Python 3.8.1 on a repo somewhere such that it would be easy to install Python like so:

dnf install python38

but they don’t because they hate Python for the freedoms it has.

Hey @DevLocalCA,

Not possible until and unless you get CentOS rolling release called CentOS streams. Is that what you want? If you are using CentOS 8 stable, there is no way to install it using the dnf/yum command.

How to Install Python 3.8.1 on CentOS 8 stable

Install compilers, run it as the root :wink:

dnf groupinstall 'development tools'
dnf install bzip2-devel expat-devel gdbm-devel ncurses-devel openssl-devel readline-devel sqlite-devel tk-devel xz-devel zlib-devel wget

Download python 3.8.1


Extract the file

tar -xvf Python-3.8.1.tgz

Build python 3.8.1 and install it

cd Python*
./configure --enable-optimizations
make -j $(proc)
sudo make altinstall

Verify new version:

python3.8 --version