How to Install LUKS with Custom Options?

Hello Fellows,

I am trying to install LUKS in my Ubuntu but i stuck at the beginning. I read an article on cyberciti but i am confused because i guess that article is prepared for semi professional Linux users. I mean he is not explaining other options for --cypher, --key-size, --hash and --time. That came to me short and not up-to-date. I have few questions.

I am using cryptsetup 2.1.0 version

  1. What is the all options for --cypher, --key-size, --hash and --time? Then we can choose.
  2. I have dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu. My computer doesn’t support UEFI. It is too old. I have one disk and four partitions. System Reserved and System for Windows. System and Swap for Linux. I am thinking to wipe Linux System and Swap but i am not sure will that work with this way. If works also should i encrypt Swap?

Thank you in advance.

Are you trying to install LUKS at boot time i.e. full disk encryption?