How to ignore . dots file in find on Linux

How can I ignore and exclude all . dot folder anf files from find command on Linux? Is it even possible? My current solution got grep:

find /app/ -type f -iname "project*.cpp" | grep -v ".config"

There are many such .dot files. So this solution is not workable. Can we ignore all .dot files when using find on Linux? Please give suggestions.


find /dir/to/search  -type f \( -iname "file-to-serach" ! -iname ".*" \) 

# find all files but ignore . dot files in $HOME
find $HOME  -type f \( -iname "*" ! -iname ".*" \) 

# Look for all *.cpp files but ignore all .dot files in /app/
find $HOME  -type f \( -iname "*" ! -iname ".*" \) 

# Do not apply any tests or actions at levels less than levels (a non-negative integer).  -mindepth 1 means process all files except the starting-points 
find $HOME -mindepth 1 -type f \( -iname "*" ! -iname ".*" \) 

# Descend at most levels (a non-negative integer) levels of directories below the starting-points.  -maxdepth 0 means only apply the tests and actions to the starting-points themselves.
find $HOME -maxdepth 0 -type f \( -iname "*" ! -iname ".*" \) 

Tweak it as per your needs. Take a look at my page:

Local man page is useful:

man find

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