How to hide ffmpeg outputs on Linux

I have ffmpeg command: ffmpeg -y -i "$in_file" "$out_file". I want to hide output produced by the ffmpeg command-line. Is it possible?

There are two solutions for hiding ffmpeg command outputs on your Linux, macOS, Unix or BSD machines:

  1. You can redirect error and output messages to /dev/null file:
    ffmpeg -y -i "$in_file" "$out_file" > /dev/null 2>&1
    ffmpeg -y -i "$in_file" "$out_file" &>/dev/null
  2. Add -loglevel quiet option to the ffmpeg command itself. It will show nothing at all; ffmpeg will be silent:
    ffmpeg -loglevel quiet -y -i "$in_file" "$out_file"
  3. See the following pages for more info:
    3.1 BASH Shell Redirect Output and Errors To /dev/null - nixCraft
    3.2 /dev/null discards unwanted output - Linux Bash Shell Scripting Tutorial Wiki
    3.3 See ffmpeg command manual page using the man command. For example:
    man ffmpeg