How to find my Thinkpad Linux cpu temperature

I installed Debian on older Thinkpad X220 and using as server along with Windows 10 home. Is it possible to see CPU temperature on my Debian Linux 10 with Thinkpad x220 laptop?

We use the sensors command to see CPU temperature on Thinkpad or any other Linux powered server, desktop and laptop:



Getting SATA SSD / HDD device temperature on Linux

For HDD/SSD temperature we use

sudo hddtemp /dev/DEVICE
sudo hddtemp /dev/sda

More here

A note about PCI NVME SSD on Thinkpad

Are you using nvme pci ssd? Try the following on your Thinkpad or any other Linux device:

nvme smart-log /dev/DEVICE
nvme smart-log /dev/nvme1n1


my cpu temp is hot on thinkpad. what can be done to make it cooler?

  1. Open your laptop
  2. Clean fans and other dust holding areas
  3. Apply a thin line of thermal paste for CPU/GPU
  4. Keep your Thinkpad on flat and hard surface
  5. Turn on CPU power management
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