How to detect file has been written completely by remote process on linux

We have our application server on linux and remote server on windows. Both server have connect direct installed.

Remote windows server send over some files to linux over a period of days using connect direct. We don’t have access to remote server or connect direct script.

Once the file transfer is complete to local linux server, I have an application that process those files.

But I have no certain way to check if file transfer has been completed by remote server.

I tried use lsof on local linux server but it doesn’t detect any process locally as the file is written by remote connect direct process.

Is there a solidy way to detect the file transfer has been completed from remote server ?

Please advise.

Thank you for your support !

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I don’t think so. Can remote Windows server (the server that is sending files) tell file size in advance? If so you can compare it. Otherwise it is not possible.

No, windows server doesn’t send any information :frowning: