How to decrypt pgp file in unix

I need to decrypt a file named file.tar.gz.pgp. What command I need to type on Unix machine to decrypt a file using PGP?

The syntax is as follows to decrypt a file using PGP on a Linux, macOS, *BSD and Unix like systems:

gpg -d filename
gpg -d filename.gpg


gpg --decrypt filename
gpg --decrypt filename.gpg

The -d or --decrypt option decrypt the file given on the command line (or STDIN if no file is specified) and write it to STDOUT (or the file specified with --output). If the decrypted file is signed, the signature is also verified. This command differs from the default operation, as it never writes to the filename which is included in the file and it rejects files that don’t begin with an encrypted message. For more info see my page:

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