How to change password in Linux by cmd



I am trying to change password in Linux for root but it says I don’t have permission. How can I changing the root password for Linux by cmd? I try

$ passwd root


For changing the toot password for Linux, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your server using the ssh
ssh user@server-ip
  1. At the command prompt (also know as shell prompt or bash shell), type the following command:
sudo passwd


sudo passwd root
  1. Enter new password twice.

See my page for more info


You can use below command:
sudo passwd username

You can replace username with the name of user whose password you had to change.


Is your username is sudoers?

if not! Try to access the root by:

su -

Then enter the root password.

Now you are in root account! Change password by using:

passwd root #using without sudo is fine