How to cd when space character is in directory name

I looked online to find an answer to this question, but to no avail. Did a search on this site but found nothing.

I am new to nixCraft and Unix. On my macOS. I have a directory named ‘Application Support’. Yes, there is a space character in there. When trying to use ‘cd’ to get into it I get an error.

cd Application Support
bash: cd: Application: No such file or directory

I know that the space character is used to separate arguments so how do I tell ‘cd’ that the space is part of the directory name? I tried single and double quotes and escape with a ‘’. Same error.

This directory was created when I installed an app. I need to see inside that directory to fix an issue. Using Finder doesn’t even see that directory.

Thanks for any help.


Try enclosing directory name in double or single quote:

cd "Application Support"
cd 'Application Support'

Another option is:

cd Application\ Support/

Another trick is to autocomplete folder/dir names, type cd and first few characters of folder and hit Tab key:

cd "App [Press TAB key]"

Thanks. All four methods worked. I had tried the two with both single and double quotes but for some reason they didn’t work. Now they do. I am new to Unix so may have made some other mistake.

Learned much from your answer. Very much appreciated.


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