How do I tunnel my restricted internet on Ubuntu 20.04

I’m a noob don’t crucify me

So I just installed Ubuntu 20.04 but I don’t know why certain addresses are restricted by my ISP

Can anyone help with this, thanks

Hello @Joshua_Idornigie,

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What do you mean by certain addresses are restricted by the ISP? Are you talking about dns names/websites or IP address? It would help if you give exact error along with screenshot.

Typically ISP block IP address using firewall or websites using DNS.

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Thanks for the welcome, That would be the ip address that is blocked

I’m sorry I cannot upload a screenshot at this moment

You need to set up a VPN such as WireGuard or OpenVPN on a server that is outside your country or ISP network. Since you are a new Linux user, I would suggest getting a VPN service that works with Ubuntu Linux. This is how I get around my ISP’s blocked as they block both IPs and websites using DNS. I set up my VPN server on Linode. It costs like $5.

Another option see if HTTPS version of the website loads.

For our third option, use 3rd party DNS such as Cloudflars, Google and more along with TLS/DoH extension.

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Thanks I’ll try it out

@Joshua_Idornigie I would like to know, how you get around such issues? If you could update it will be nice.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to

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