Hi everyone, let me introduce myself,

Hi everyone, my name is Sandro, 49 years old, I am Italian (Calabria), I use Linux Ubuntu and Debian as exclusive systems for the past ten years, and on a Gateway NS50 laptop I have Centos7 and Fedora29 in dualboot on SSD and go one wonder. I also have a Windows 8 installation but I almost never start it.

I am an aspiring sysadmin of * nix systems, I am especially studying Centos, both because I want to certify RedHat, and because the forum that I admin (https://www.micimiao.net/forum) is on a vps managed Centos server, and I would like to transfer it on an unmanaged server and manage it completely on its own, to have many more resources at the same cost. I know that managing an unmanaged vps is expert stuff and I want to be sure of what I do, especially at the security level.

Why on this forum? seems to me the most competent and interesting seen so far, interesting tutorials, not trivial and decisive of complex issues.
I got there looking for the string on google
“root:!:: 0: 99999: 7:::”
I hope one day I can become a real sysadmin and help myself.
See you soon

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