Gsettings and dconf issues

I’m chrooting to our Nvidia TX2’s L4T image based on # R32 (release), REVISION: 3.1 with qemu-aarch64 static. This allows reasonable control over the image and tweaking of settings that are stored in configuration files. However, I have a number of modifications that are gsettings and it’s not possible to update said settings since the system isn’t booted (dconf isn’t running). The Ubuntu documentation on dconf mentions that gsettings controlled variables can be set in a key file (a text file) placed in ‘/etc/dconf/db/database.d’. L4T doesn’t have a /db/database.d directory and the dconf database contained in the /db directory isn’t using any nomenclature I’ve seen from googling around. What is contained there is an ‘ibus’ database and an ‘ibus.d/’ directory. I’ve put my key file into the ibus.d/ directory next to another key file, ‘00-upstream-settings’. Additional googling has mentioned that both the ‘databasename.d/’ directory and the key file itself need to be touched (thus updating their modified date/time) before running ‘dconf update’ (by a script run at boot). This procedure runs without any complaints, but it also doesn’t make any of the changes included in the newly added key file.

The basic goal here is to be able to manipulate the image in place as opposed to taking a TX2, flashing it with the image, changing the settings while logged in then snapshotting the image again.

Any insight into why this process isn’t working?

(note, already posted on the Nvidia forums, I’m just curious anyone has any insight into this type of thing)