FTP over TLS access log

Hi All,

How are you doing? I am new to this forum and I learn a lot from reading all the interesting posts. I have an issue today and below is the error from my FTPs session. do you know what is the cause and how do I fix it?

Thank you all in advance!.

15:47:00 Status: Resolving address of secureftp.example.com
15:47:00 Status: Connecting to 203.2xx.xxx.xxx:21…
15:47:00 Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
15:47:00 Response: 220 FTP server ready.
15:47:00 Command: AUTH TLS
15:47:00 Response: 502-Auth command is not supported.
15:47:00 Response: 502-Please contact your network administrator to enable FTPS service.
15:47:00 Response: 502
15:47:20 Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
15:47:20 Error: Could not connect to server
15:47:20 Status: Waiting to retry…
15:47:24 Error: Connection attempt interrupted by user

  1. Don’t show your public IP address.
  2. Your FTP Server ain’t conffed to allow FTPoTLS. Google for the FTP Server name along with setup tls.

Hi @lixcraft, welcome to the nixCraft forum.

Can you tell us about your OS, version and FTP server name? Typically we recommend using sftpd which is part of OpenSSH (SSHD server) which is secure by default.

thanks for reminding me this.

Hi Nixcaft, it’s a very old redhat 4 and it’s prod server and we do have sftp users but only this one requests to use ftps and it keeps giving that error. is this something related to cert?